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* in other districts of Serbia or of other republics to cc example, the PF committee of the district the Sixth Congress of the CPY, the districts of the Kosovo and Metohija region, the Pi 1 the Zajecar district in Serbia, the PF committee in ^ the ^ Gostivar in Macedonia and the PF committee of the distri in Montenegro!of Djajovxca, has challenged all the PF n the limits of where People’s F organizations rnpete, For in honour of committees in committee of district of ct of Ivangrad The- members of the People’s Front of the District of Djajovica have envisaged in the program of competitions the building oi roads, bridges, fountains and wells, the completion and building of schools on^which work has already started and the building of new schools as wexo. In the invitation for competition sent to the mentioned PF committees in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia proper, there is also an item for organising members in the struggle ior protection of public property.The People’s Front organizations will compete with!their respective districts; however, there are examples Front committees of some of the districts have invitee. ITS TRANSMISSION OR THE REVELATION ■ OF ITS CONTENTS IN ANY MANNER TO AN UNAUTHORIZED PERSON IS PRO- ■ hi BITED BY LAW. Answer: The economic structure of both the countries, supple- ment other, in a most harmonious manner in difierent sectors * Therfe /all conditions for future building-up and strengthening of trade exchange between Austria and Yugoslavia, namely a development w r hich will be of interest to both the countries a Tae cultural, relations which are continuing to develop favourably are creat? Headlines of Borba continued Headlines of P 01..1 t ika oi the 27th oune FROM BORBA OF THE 25TH JUKE P.3. Gruber to B orba correspondent on Austrian- Yugoslav relations FROM POLITIKA OF THE ; 25KB JUKE * ■ P d 20 o Two years of war in Korea: strive to got t He’sunpbrt of are outside Mori.-, antt*ho are in the Positio S to Srti™ larly their word in support of our cause. M; Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R01 23001 10009-3 Approved For Release 2002/08/15 : CIA-RDP83-00415R01 23001 10009-3 Question: What is Your Excellency* s opinion concerning future prospects of economic and cultural relations between Austria and Yugoslavia?The People’s Committees, as well as federal and republican economic apparatus, will prepare the proportions of the social plans in the limits of their rights, complete data concerning production and distribution of the national revenue in the districts, the carrying-out of legal regulations in economy, etc* Most of the experts for the Feopie’s Committees and enter- prises, after the unification of the economic apparatus will be given by the Republican Councils for Industry* _As we learned, about 15 highly-qualified exports of tils.

The accused had also been conducting hostile propaganda against popular authority.

most elementary human right of the use of their mother tongue.

The irredentists, who in the pre-election campairu appealed to the Slovenes in the Slovene language to vote for them, the day before yesterday made noise in the City Hall to prevent the use of the Slovene language and shouted to Slovene representatives that they ! For the population of Trieste, concludes Primer 3k 1 Dne ynik, the meeting of the newly elected City Council is anctner irrefutaole proof of what the Italian irredentists consider tc be democracy and protection of human rights.

The population of Trieste is sufficiently mature to elect from its midst men who can administer the territory without any interference by foreigners. present attitude of the Italian Government towards the Slovene national .

minority in Italy and the experiences of the long years of Italian rule in Trieste show sufficiently clearly the hostile attitude of the Italian adminis- trators towards the Slovenes ' y therefore, the Slovenes will, it .

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