Yoona and taeyeon dating

It is known that Yoona and Ki Do Hun are very close and often take pictures together.

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Though there are other more subtle reasons (fans just mad cause they're dating), these seem to be the most prominent. 니가 하면 (If You Do) (Stage Ver.) [#1] mori↑gatteyo (モリ↑ガッテヨ) Release Date: 20 Tracklist: 01. Even though the faces are not clear, fans can easily identify the girl in pink is Yoona basing on the slim figure of this female idol.And although I would be happy and all for the two dating, there's something inside me that actually understands were the betrayed people are coming from (probably because I feel a bit betrayed, too).Likewise, I just want to bring light on my old articles that I wrote when Tiffany's dating scandal was revealed, asking if Girls' Generation is on decline as well as my hypothesis for Girls' Generation's future and how long it would take for them to disband/who would still be famous post-disbandment. Is Girls' Generation on decline and how long do they have left?

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