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When I was trying to figure out how to make XBMC work, I spent hours figuring out what I hope to show you in the next few minutes.

One basic skill you will need is the ability to navigate around XBMC and it won’t be easy at first.

And you can browse your video content by things like Genre, Title, Year, Actors and Directors.

Be sure to set the library options to your taste before using the right area to enter your library of movies.

Put thumbnails (up to 182x256px jpg’s or png’s) in folders to be displayed when navigating in library mode toward your movie.

First delete the default thumbnail from User Data\Thumbnails\ .

However, if you put a picture in your movie folder named ‘folder.jpg’ it will appear in File View as a thumbnail for that movie.

I do not recommend configuring XBMC to scan for new content at startup.At any point in navigating through the main menu, one can also pull up the ‘context menu’ by pressing the letter ‘C’ on the keyboard. Press ‘Enter’ then select ‘Add Sources’ and press ‘Enter.’ Now browse to your Movies folder and select it.This menu provides us with choices about how to manage the task associated with where you are in the regular menu tree. In order to have access to data beyond the filename, like thumbnails, fanart, synopses, album covers, etc., the new source must (a) have the folder structure and filename syntax in a manner compatible with XBMC, (b) the source must have its content type (Movies, TV shows, Music Videos, or None) and (c) scraper source selected from within XBMC, and (d) select ‘Run Automated Scan’ and ‘Use Folder Names for Lookups’.As you scroll through the folders, information about each movie will be displayed. Change the view (the first menu item) to whichever one you enjoy the most.Scroll through your library and behold the wealth of knowledge. XBMC is quite capable of hard work in nice clothes. I hope that your first time was as exciting to you as mine was to me.

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