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He made sure everything was set up properly in the cockpit and adjusted his engine fuel mixture for start up. I meant it when I said I don't know many good Healing spells. "I just didn't expect…""Oh," she said seeming to understand. Jennings protested."Let me worry about that," Harry said as reassuringly as he could. I mean aside from the troubles across the water.""You may ask," Harry said, "but unless and until I am certain we can do what I have in mind, there's really no point in answering. She suggested she wait in the courtyard for him, even though he did invite her up. He just didn't like getting all dressed up nor going to see someone he would never really meet and who was not on a sports stage or in a rock band. The Elf looked nothing like a House Elf, but the features and attitude were pure Dobby. If history is to judge, the elders will return all grousing about the experience, but privately will have loved at least the results. He finished his explanation by describing in detail his first flight in an airplane. "The first time I was ever in a plane and I was the one flying it.""But Harry," Hermione said, "how could you fly it all by yourself? It takes a long time to learn to fly, or so I've been told.""Remember how I learned to drive? Ground school is usually done in the mornings for new pilots. The basic school is five days a week for four weeks or until you complete the eighty classroom hours.He plugged his radio cord into the right receptacle and looked to see if the ground crew was ready. The Elf began turning the handle and the propeller began to rotate in a somewhat jerky manner until Harry heard the engine caught a couple of times and then catch and begin to hum, the propeller now spinning to fast to see. I think it would be best if we sat down." She took his hand gently in hers and led him to a tree, bidding him so sit. Sometime later he wondered why he did not run off, but decided is that he really kind of liked the girl even if she was one of those people. " she asked after he and she were seated on the grass. "But I'd rather have the planes and not need them, then not have them when they're needed. If it can be done, I'd like the rest ready by the end of next year.""At least you don't want this done tomorrow," Mr. She said they had just met and she did not want people, especially his parents, thinking there was anything – not so innocent – going on. On the other, however, he was really beginning to like Clara and could tell she really wanted him to go with her. SATURDAY, JULY 13th, 1996 – Potter Manor, Charenwell. Ladies Hermione, Luna, Dora, Ginny and Stacey are in the Library trying to finish their books. Remus, Sir.""Thanks Dobby."Harry was still wearing his "flying kit" (less parachute), although he now had the stripes of a Flying Officer on the shoulders of his coveralls (hidden beneath his leather flight jacket) and an Officer's Cap on his head. " he replied with a smile."An elf taught you with magic? It is the same kind of course anyone learning to fly for the first time would take.It was as if the base was all out on a pass for the day, not like it had ceased to be an airbase almost fifty years earlier. That's a British magical thing.""Nasty things," Dudley said. I was out with my gang doing what we usually did, which was not very nice. I was heading home and we ran into my cousin Harry who was sitting in a play park for some reason. "Here, for every one like you, there's eight or nine of us. As he climbed out of the cockpit, he stopped as he watched the large bomber take off. He did not like "surprise" photographs."What was that for? One copy will be yours to keep and another will hang in the Officer's Club here on base. But we offer a "Ground School" for that.""Ground school? You can fly Tiger Moths under VFR conditions, but you need to complete ground school and have at least fifty flight hours logged before moving on to the bigger birds. " Harry was not about to not let his girls know about this. He headed straight at the hill and was told not to slow down, even though Harry thought he was going to crash. Just when the car should have smashed into the side of the hill, it passed through a barrier and he was on a huge tarmac.There were barracks, housing units, a base hospital, warehouses and facilities too numerous to count all looking like it could start up again once the word was given. He entered the Flight Operations building and there was Mr. The other man was named Owens and was part of "this cobbled together" operation. I don't know if I ever was, but not anymore.""Something happened? Anyway, it had been really hot outside and suddenly it was really cold. Every pilot who ever learned to fly here has their solo picture there, including your Grandfather.""Oh," Harry replied. ""There's a lot more to flying than just being able to take off and land safely," Mr. The school takes four weeks, three hours a day four days a week if you do it all at once.""Oh.""But no worries. He didn't thing all of them would want to, but he knew some would.""How many? The side of the hill was now a good hundred yards from the barrier and looked like it had been carved away into a vertical space.Dudley had woken early his first morning in this new place. They soon found themselves on Front Street along the harbor. You could turn a light on as soon as you were tall enough to reach the switch. Because of an inheritance that made him the head of two very ancient houses with roots in Britain and magical Britain dating back to King Arthur…""He was real? He's myth in most places because that was during the Dark Ages and he apparently did not get on with the Bishops so they didn't see fit to write about him. Anyway, there is an obscure law still on the books here and in magical Britain that if you come to head two such lines, you can take a wife to bear the heir to preserve each such line.""Lucky bloke," Dudley said."Really? In which case, getting another would really be pushing it."Clara smiled."So this Duke is like a King? "We have a High Council which is like the Parliament in Britain. Doesn't act at all like he's special or nothing.""Kid? Hermione seemed to be the first to notice him, or rather his feet on the table. Flying Officer Harry Potter, Royal Duchy of Charenwell Air Force at your service! Harry turned and saw Neville, "or can any of us check it out?

It had more straps than Harry knew what to do with and the elf made sure they were all where secured the way they were supposed to be – including two between his legs that were cinched so tight he was almost hoping his girls were too tired to play later."What's this? Worst thing you can do if something goes really wrong. Our pilots have been wearing them for going on fifty years now and never had a need to use one for real.""For real? Needless to say, while the Muggles were impressed with the idea, they felt it might take years to build. After the War, when your Grandfather began his collection, he knew that getting all the parts he might need to keep his babies flying might be a problem. But that would mean the planes we do have could not be flown as we would not be able to maintain them.

Standing by the right side of the nose of the plane was an elf with a hand crank already in place. He had a face mask that had his microphone and put it on. He whole heartedly agreed, although deep down he thought that one day being more than friends might be a good thing. Harry entered the Manor with his "street clothes" in his arms. His plan was to see if girls really did fall for men in uniform, but with the Longbottoms and Remus in the Library, the evidence of that would have to wait. Were I in my flying suit you would address me as Group Captain Lupin.""Really? It's only the in flight instruction that we omit because the Elf magic covers that.

Another Elf stood at a safe distance with a fire extinguisher, again just in case. "Pottersport Tower, this is Potter One, request instructions for taxi to active.""Potter One, Runway two-seven is the active. Altimeter is fifty-eight feet."Harry made an adjustment to one of his gauges. He made a hand single to indicate the ground crew could pull the chocks. As soon as he returned, she took him down to High Street and they window shopped. Through training, I can use my mind to change the end bit to do what I want. His Mum was killed in front of him.""That's not right.""No, it's not. "Some think he did it to avoid throngs of fan girls," she added conspiratorially. Still, he wondered about the reaction his current attire would get as he entered the Library. ""So much for that idea," Harry grumbled."Excuse me? To advance beyond the trainers, you need to complete that course and accumulate forty hours flight time in the Tiger Moths. ""Two and a half," Harry said."After you complete basic flight training, we have advanced ground school classes in instrument flying, so you can fly in all weather, and navigation as well as a course on each of the other aircraft in our inventory. " several voices asked."I won't make any of you do this, but I would like you to," Harry said. But you're not afraid of flying in a plane are you?

Since Muggles can't even hope to find the place without Charenwell help, they're no threat at all. What's worse, they made me see what I really was like somehow and it was not pleasant. ""Well, if you learned history from the Brits, you'd think it was because we were doing everything for the non-magicals and got tired of it. He "greased" his landing and began the taxi back to Flight Operations.

CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE: FLYBOYSATURDAY, JULY 13th, 1996 – RAF Pottersport, West Farm, Charenwell. I didn't want to be that boy, and yet I was and they made me think it was all I ever could be and I'd never be happy or have real friends or anything and all I wanted to do right then was die."Then there was this bright light. They think they are all powerful compared to people like you. Some do know better and the ones who were raised outside of magical society – like your cousin I suppose – know that's not true. "The reason for that Statute and the laws magical countries have passed to enforce it is because when it was signed, we were no longer so much more powerful than you that we had nothing to fear. But in Britain and in most of the world, for every one of us, there's a thousand of you. In his mind, he began thinking that this might be something useful. But he wondered if others could learn like he had and if they did, if they could also learn to fly the other planes here.

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