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I'm happy people like seeing us together."Yet, these comments come in retrospect.

As is often the case, Timberland and Furtado fell out after the release of the album over legal issues and because Timberland didn't believe that Furtado was "grateful" enough.

On her new single status, the songstress quipped: "I went through an emotionally difficult time last summer and I actually wrote and sung myself songs to get through it.

I would sing to myself while I drove on these long drives and I thought to myself, 'I'm so lucky that I can write songs because I can soothe myself with them.'". While we're certainly taken aback by this breakup news, we aren't shocked to learn that Nelly and Demacio handle their split on the DL.

"And we focused a little more on the songwriting than on frenetically switching genres five times in one song, the way we did on the last record."Expanding on this, she explained that the idea was to take the organic nature of a voice and guitar or a person singing on the street and "take that essence and make a folk record for 2003, using new sounds and taking advantage of all the technology we have at our disposal.

singer and the sound engineer actually called it quits on their relationship during the summer of 2016.So in 6th grade I packed a bag of socks in my pants to give me the illusion of thickness. Basically, being 'thic' means having curves in the most stereotypical ways (hourglass).Needless to say it was super obvious and I def got laughed at lol Which is why it's funny when I hear whites act like this thick ass & thighs phenomenon is a "recent". I have also noticed that 'thic' ladies are never the ones who get really chubby in the face. I can imagine that it means that some 'thic' women feel the need to work out certain body parts A LOT just to keep the image of great curves. Indeed, the album was particularly popular with British listeners, and has since sold over 600,000 copies in the UK alone.Releasing her second album, , in 2003, Nelly Furtado's blend of organic and digital sounds had settled closer on the realistic side.

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