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IP Laws and Treaties (WIPO) Ratification by the Islamic Republic of Iran of the Stockholm Act (1967) - WIPO Registering Trademarks-By an IP attorney.

Registering Patents in Iran Law Firms US Trade Sanctions Sanctions Program Summaries - Iran-By U. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control.

All the members are appointed by the Supreme Leader.

The Guardian Council (Shoraye Negahban)-The twelve appointed members screen all potential candidates for Assembly of Experts, President and Parliament.

Law of Exploitation and protection of the Aquatic Resources (FAO) Family Law Family Law in Iran (USTATS) Iran Family Law (International Divorce) Family Law (Iranica) Iran Family Law (Emory University) Law pertaining to population and family planning (Harvard University) Family Protection Bill (as amended in August 2011) Marriage and Divorce Under Iranian Family Law Family Law (Persian) Family, law and education for women in the Muslim world Chronology of Events Regarding Women in Iran since the Revolution of 1979.

Violence against women and honour-related violence in Iran.

High Council for Human Rights Bureau of International Affairs Faculty of Judical Sciences Center for Judiciary Lawyers and Experts Tehran Judiciary (Dadgostary)-In Persian only.

Iran Military Court (Persian)-Provides information on the courts jurisdiction and procedures. Iranian Official Journal-In Persian Only Judiciary News Judiciary Branch General Inspectionn Organization-In Persian Only Notary Public Prosecutor's Office (Dadsetani) Supreme Audit Court Ministry of Justice Minister of Justice-Provides a brief biography.

Iran's Constitution & Structure of governance (Video/Persian) The Assembly of Experts-Appoints the Supreme Leader and monitors his performance and can remove him. The Expediency Council-An advisory body for the Leader which has the responsibilty of resolving the difference between the jusdiciary and the parliament.

Court of Justice | Civil Code | Citizenship Law | Drug Law | Election Law | Environmental Law | Natural Resources Law | Family Law | Labor Law | Disability Law | Maritime Law | Caspian Sea Legal Status | NGO Law | Press Law | Associations | Law Firms | Human Rights | HR Activists | Law Sites | Law Journals | News | Islamic Law | Int.

Law Constitution Constitution (ICL-English)-Adopted in 1979 and amended in 1989.

(Finnish Immigration Service) Human Rights of Women in Iran: The Universalist Approach and the Relativist Response The Islamic Revolution's Impact on the Legal and Social Status of Iranian Women The Legal Status of Iranian Women Special Rule and Regulations regarding Women in IRI National Report on Women I (IRIB) National Report on Women II (IRIB) Iran: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad urges girls to marry at 16 (The Guardian) Love Finds a Way in Iran: 'Temporary Marriage' (NY Times) Iran women get more divorce rights (BBC) Women's Resources Public Health Law Iran: World Health Organization (WHO) Iran: Health Legislation (WHO) Global Youth Tobacco Survey (GYTS) - Islamic Republic of Iran (WHO) Abortion in Iran Abortion in Iranian Law Labor Law Iran Labour Law (ILO) Iran Labour Code (ILO) Report on Iran's Labour Market (ILO) Disability Law Government Country Reports on the UN Standard Rules - Iran-The Iranian Government replies to the UN's questionnaire monitoring the implementation of the Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities. Afshari -Specializes in Intellectual Property law and computer science. Alexander Aghayan & Associates, Inc.-Specializes in intellectual property and international trade.

A socio-physical study towards building barrier-free urban environment in Iran Urban planning and architecture for disabled persons in Iran: Establishing design criteria Iran: Election Access Social Security Programs Throughout the World - Iran Islamic Penal Law Islamic Penal Law in Iran - UNHCR Maritime Law Maritime Law-Provides a brief overview of Iranian maritime law. B.) Iranian-American Bar Association (IABA) Iranian Canadian Lawyers' Association (ICLA) Law Association of Qubec Socit des Avocats et Juristes Franco-Iraniens Law Firms Adib Law Firm-Provides a full range of services relating to domestic and international law. Behrooz Akhlaghi & Associates-Handles a wide range of practice areas including civil and commercial law, energy, foreign investment law and litigation. Hassan Amirshahi & Associates-Handles a wide range of practice areas including civil and commercial litigation, investments, incorporation and oil & gas issues.

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