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Jalalabad journalist Jalil Saparov is one of the many Kyrgyz worried about the republic's new image.

"Liberal attitudes and a weak legal framework on this issue is making Kyrgyzstan the sex capital of the Fergana valley region," he said, adding that many fear moral decay within will be mirrored by a declining international image.

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"They are afraid that their identities will be taken at the hospital and passed on to the police, who will then stop them from working in Kyrgyzstan in the future," said Razilya Danikulova, a lawyer with the Ayalzat (Womanhood) NGO.Be mesmerized by the wonderful world of Japan girls.The girls from the Land of the Rising Sun, with their small frames and beautiful submissive smiles love to have their wonderfully tight cants deflowered by wild demanding cocks.“So they don't seek treatment and keep working until the disease develops to a serious level.” Jalalabad now has one of the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases in Kyrgyzstan, according to the Centre for fighting AIDS.With the onset of spring, the flow of sex workers from neighbouring Uzbekistan is expected to increase.

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