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Press that icon to access saved snaps and your camera roll, then send your photo using the method above. Then simply tap on their name on your friends page, and use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate your chat options.

Moving left to right: Like snaps, your chat messages will disappear after you view them a single time. Press and hold on the message to pin it to your chat.

You can add people you already know by letting Snapchat access your contacts, or pressing Add Friends on your Profile Page.

This is another great place to use your Bitmoji to add some truly individual expression to your snaps. You can now press and drag on the sticker to move it around, or pinch your fingers to change its size or rotate it. Press and drag it over to the garbage can icon that appears at the end of the list of icons.

Is there a part of your snap that you want to clean up?

Instead of using a third-party editor (which is WAY too time consuming for a simple snap), press the scissor icon and then the star icon.

Here’s what each of them lets you do, in order from top to bottom: Type in any message you want, then change the color and font to give your message just the right amount of emphasis.

This was the first feature ever released, and it’s still key for adding emphasis (or art! Change your brush size by pinching or expanding your fingers on the screen.

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