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Sunday 30th July 2000 and I got the call, my wife drove me to the hospital and the operation went a head (it is quite common for a transplant to be called off at the last minute).

Just eight days later I feel like superman, all the drains and monitors removed and I am free to wonder the hospital, a few days later I was allowed to go home.

The fact that transplant patients who received these organs had similar survival as other transplant patients relieves the concerns of irreversible organ damage from drug overdose death.

“In the unfortunate circumstances where opioid deaths happen, organ donation can extend life of many patients in need of transplant,” said Stehlik.

As the government invests millions to combat the opioid epidemic, the transplant community does not plan to rely on drug-intoxication deaths as a long-term source of donations.

“We must look to new ways to increase organ donor recovery by concentrating on greater use of marginal organs or by expanding the suitable donor pool by using new technologies to improve organ function before the transplant takes place,” Mehra said. H., at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Wida Cherikh, Ph. D., with the United Network for Organ Sharing and Jacqueline Smits, Ph.

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people across the United States are lingering on organ transplant waiting lists.

I needed to have oxygen by my bed at home as during the night I would become very short of breath.

I had to stop for a rest when going up the stairs (one flight), I would have to get my wife to dry me after a shower as I was to tired to do it myself, I would shave half my face and have to stop for a rest before shaving the other half, I had even stopped brothering about my appearance as everything was just to much effort.

There are also considerations that include infection risk, such as Hepatitis B and C and HIV, but this risk can be minimized with modern testing.

“I feel hopeful that doctors across the country will read this and feel confident that organs that pass the required tests are safe for transplant,” Stehlik said.

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