Telstra widgets not updating

ZTE has improved most of the features of the Smart-Touch 2, but the only odd downgrade appears to be the camera, which is 2-megapixels compared to the original Smart-Touch's 3.15 megapixel snapper.We're not sure ZTE has gone down this road given that most other features have been upgraded.The three buttons below the Smart-Touch 2's display are also a positive.The menu, home and back keys are raised, physical buttons rather than the capacitive, touch-sensitive keys usually found on these types of Android phones.However, this isn't a real disadvantage given the asking price.You should certainly keep that asking price in mind when evaluating what the Smart-Touch 2 can do.The main issue with the Smart-Touch 2 is that while it is certainly capable of accessing all of these features, it does so slowly.The phone is very sluggish when performing multiple tasks, for example when you're updating apps from the Google Play Store and simply trying to read a text message.

Sometimes, basic finger swipes through home screens didn't register and needed to be performed again. Sometimes we'd use the phone for a good couple of minutes with no problems, but other times we'd have to swipe or touch multiple times for the screen to register our input.

There's the Telstra One app in the app drawer along with a range of widgets to go with it.

The only other app is the Garmin Navigator, which offers a seven day free trial before users need to pay .95 per month to use the full service.

Oddly, on all these occasions the phone happily belted out audio but did not display any video.

Thankfully Telstra has kept its apps to a minimum on the Smart-Touch 2.

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