Teenagers and dating advice

Teaching teens about healthy love is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give them.

Slow and steady is the best example to model healthy dating.Dating does not have to be expensive; every moment does not have to include a limo and a bottle of champagne. Mental Math Leading with logic is the best way to keep from making unhealthy choices.By demonstrating that you are keeping your head engaged and not letting your heart run wild, you will influence how your teen views relationships. Dating someone who is geographically undesirable will typically cause unnecessary stress for everyone. Physical Fitness Personal touch and closeness is every teen’s love language.Make your list of “deal breakers” before you begin dating and keep your children’s needs in mind. When they see (or hear) that adults are keeping healthy physical boundaries, it makes it easier for them to embrace the idea of personal respect when they begin dating.Talk with them about what to expect in terms of affection and always consider their perspective.

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