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It’s gonna go all Road Warrior in, like, five years.” We’re still racing to 8 billion people on the planet but the green revolution bought us some time, staving off the Malthusian tipping point when your town becomes The Road. Whenever I thought I might make a good parent, I would hear Lydia Lunch’s epic rant about children as vanity items, born of unrestrained egos. When I hit my forties, some of friends from my youth were already becoming grandparents. You have a kid at 18, and your kid does the same, you are a 36-year-old Mee-Maw.The thought started to re-enter my head and then after one week of dating Andrea, I knew we were going to become parents together.We have a specialized mobile and tablet layout to cater to all devices.If you don't have a fast internet connection, you can lower the video quality so the video can load much faster.Hello and welcome to Young Porn – a site that has only high-quality videos with famous teens from all over the world.You can find all kinds of videos with naughty teens who like to do almost anything possible.Now that I’m older, I’m starting to take confidence in my ability to export my knowledge. But the time is right to share these lessons and, when appropriate, get paid for it.

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It might be okay to say that sharing what I’ve learned to make the world more livable is what I’m going to give back. March 19, 2018 Note: We were lucky enough to be able to have children. It would be Soylent Green, then The Omega Man, straight through to Planet of the Apes. This went through to the 80s punk-era when we devoted much vitriol for the “yuppies in the suburbs.” They were popping out kiddies faster than they could buy “Baby on Board” signs for their SUVs. (I know, “ethical issues.”) More than two and you are taking more than you are giving and that’s evil; I don’t care what kooky offshoot of a mainstream religion you follow. “Who would want children in this over-populated cesspool. I don’t know if men have anything akin to a biological clock.

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“If people will be helped by your experience, you need to get on that plane,” said one friend. As an ethnographer, I love to talk to people about their journeys and what they’ve learned along the way.

Along my way, I’ve learned that talking about what I’ve consumed and processed is not just about hearing the sound of my own voice, but exporting insight that can actually make a difference in this crazy historical period that feels like a giant backslide. I’m from the generation that was in a panic over overpopulation.

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