Teddy purcell dating

"Only hotel in NYC to run out of champagne this weekend"- TP I doubt he cares that some girl is using him. Trying to prove your intelligence to a bunch of strangers on a blog who could really give a shit, is sad. Lighten up oh "well rounded" one and go get f*cking laid.

He isn't exactly a good looking guy and really is not much to talk to. And what he can get seems to be trashy, brainless little girls who see a walking dollar sign. Reply-to: I didnt say the decline of western civilization was a political issue. All the best :)I was not trying to prove I am smart - I was stating Teddy was not so smart. And as far as analyzing people as you are a "Behavorist" - that is a one dimensional approach to understanding human behavior, unless of course you are actually able to speak to me and observe me. Trying to prove your intelligence to a bunch of strangers on a blog who could really give a shit, is sad. However a well rounded individual needs intelligent conversation occasionally.

The eight goals is the most allowed by the Coyotes this season.

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"They were on a streak." Purcell had goals at and in the second to complete the hat trick. After Hall got his first goal in 18 games early in the third, Phoenix then got goals from Turris and Schlemko.

So have fun on the site and tone down the "facting". When I posted that I saw Teddy w/a woman I had no idea it would turn into such a controversy.

I didn’t realize that I had to record the exact time of this “sighting” or the exact location w/in the hotel.

Then Teddy came over and was talking to this woman at close proximity to me. However, from the snippets I heard I know she was excited about going to the Bell Centre (I suppose her first visit?

) I know she told him to have fun and that he said he’d see her after the game.

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