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From Exegesis to Exposition: A Practical Guide to Using Biblical Hebrew.

’ A Misdirected Curse (Job 3:3).” Pages 61-63 in Prophetic Thought: Essays and Addresses. “A Theology of the Psalms.” Pages 257-304 in A Biblical Theology of the Old Testament. “Evidence From Genesis.” Pages 35-54 in A Case for Premillennialism: A New Consensus. Study Note—includes comments about historical or cultural background, explanation of obscure phrases or brief discussions of context, discussions of the theological point made by the biblical author, cross references and references to Old Testament quotations or allusions in the New Testament, or other miscellaneous information helpful to the modern reader. tc Note abbreviations Many of the tc notes in the New Testament are from the Nestle-Aland 27 Greek New Testament. For example in John the note on the "son of man" says: "Most witnesses, including a few important ones (A* Θ Ψ 050 ƒ M latt sy), have at the end of this verse “the one who is in heaven” (ὁ ὢν ἐν τῷ οὐρανῷ, ho ōn en tō ouranō).

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