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I jumped and landed on pads, but on the second take something happened — I just landed wrong.I got up and felt that something inside was not quite right." After assuming the injury was something minor, in January 2009, Hargitay found she was unable to breathe.Much easier to watch my gf porn videos on the screen of your IPhone or Android smartphone wherever and whenever you want.Simple design and a lot of wathcmygf porn videos with naughty amateur babes that can't live without pussy fucking, cock sucking and gallons of boyfriend's jizz on their young and innocent faces collected in one place specially for you.(or "SVU," as fans have come to call it) has been keeping audiences riveted for almost two decades with its ripped-from-the-headlines episodes.Detailing investigations by detectives in Manhattan's Special Victims Unit (which handles sex crimes), the show keeps pace with the news cycle and never fails to entertain with nonstop celebrity cameos.Sometimes things in life happen that allow us to understand our priorities very clearly.Ultimately you can see those as gifts." Rapper Ice-T may solve crimes as Detective Odainf "Fin" Tutuola on the show; but in real life, he's had his fair share of conflicts over the years.

I'd always insisted on doing the stunts my own way, although I don't feel so strongly about that anymore.

An X-ray revealed that her lung was 50 percent collapsed, resulting in surgery two weeks later.

After returning to work on SVU, Hargitay had to return to surgery in March after her lung collapsed again.

Along with all the weekly high drama around each episode's specific investigation, memorable celebrity cameos are a big part of what makes watching SVU reruns so fun.

It's always a good time to spot "that guy" from another show, or "so-and-so" before they were famous.

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