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,” Seth Michael Donsky, June 22 New York Times, “How Divorce Lost Its Groove,” Pamela Paul, June 17, “Hey dad, family still matters,” Joel Kotkin, June 16 Jewish Exponent, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Robert Leiter, June 15 Washington Times, “Economy of sex: It’s cheap these days,” Cheryl Wetzstein, June 14 Wall Street, “The Gifts on Every Wedding List,” Sue Shellenbarger, June 8 Men’s Health News, “Why Long Commutes lead to Divorce,” Denny Watkins, June 6 The New Republic, “Can (This) Marriage Be Saved?,” Ruth Franklin, June 1 Psychotherapy Networker, Review of “A Strange Stirring “The Most Famous Book Never Read: What makes The Feminine Mystique so special?,” Brad Tuttle, January 27 Birthto Thrive Online, “The Gap Between Middle Class and Wealthy Families Could Widen, Paul Nyhan, January 27 Boston Globe, “Why do so many brides register for the same wedding gifts their mothers did?,” Beth Teitell, January 27 Moms, “The Career Mystique: An Interview with family scholar Stephanie Coontz,” January 26 History News Network, “Puncturing Betty Friedan, but Not the Mystique: An Interview with Stephanie Coontz.” January 24 Historiann, “Rebecca Traister on Stephanie Coontz’s ‘A Strange Stirring,’” January 24 New Yorker, Books as Bombs: Why the women’s movement needed “The Feminine Mystique,” Louis Menand, January 24 New York Times Book Review, “Mad Women: Stephanie Coontz reevaluates ‘The Feminine Mystique’ and its author,” Rebecca Traister, January 23 Washington Post, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Elaine Showalter, January 23 International Herald Tribune, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” January 22 The Daily Beast, Review of “A Strange Stirring” in “This Week’s Hot Reads,” January 21 New York Times, Paper Cuts: “Reviewer Spotlight: Rebecca Traister,” Jennifer Mc Donald, January 21 Slate, Double X Gabfest, January 20 Huffington, “Stirring Up ‘The Feminine Mystique’ for a New Generation,” Christine Whelan, January 19 U. News & World Report, “How to Make Multigenerational Living Work,” Philip Moeller, January 14 The Daily Femme, “Putting the ‘Masculinity Crisis’ in Historical Perspective,” January 13, “In a Great Marriage? ,” Madeline Holler, January 13, “Why feminism was good for marriage,” Tracy Clark-Flory, January 12 Houston Chronicle, “Taking a new look at marriage: The ancient institution is getting an updated perspective,” Tara Dooley, January 6, Review “A Look Back at ‘The Feminine Mystique,’” Carol King, January 5 Wall Street Journal, Book review of “A Strange Stirring,” Melanie Kirkpatrick, January 4, Review of “A Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s,” Johanna Fateman, January 3 Newsweek, “The Commuter Congress,” Lisa Miller, January 3 Senior Women Web, “A Review of Strange Stirring: The Feminine Mystique and American Women at the Dawn of the 1960s,” Jo Freeman, January Veteran Feminists of America web-zine, “VFA recommends new book about Betty Friedan,” January WILL, June 22 WCBM, Womantalk, June 11 KGO, May 30 570 Radio (Toronto), May 19 KVI, May 19 KING-TV, New Day Northwest, May 16 KING-TV, Parent to Parent, May 16 KBOO, May 11 Reality Check podcast, May 9 Wisconsin Public Radio, May 6 WGVU, April 25 WSTC, Keeping Connected with Trevor Crow, April 19 KPFK, Beneath the Surface, April 15 WXNT, March 29 KTRS, John Brown’s Mindset, March 25 KUOW, Speaker’s Forum, March 24 KUED-TV, March 23 KPFK, Feminist Magazine, March 23 ABC News Radio, March 21 For Your Ears Only, Radio America, March 12 KPFK-FM Jon Wiener, 4 O’Clock Report, March 9 (Pacifica affiliate) Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff!So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.,” Jill Brooke, March 17, “Breaking up is hard to do because of the economy,” Allison Linn, March 10 Alter Net, “Decades After 'The Feminine Mystique,' Many High-Achieving Women Find Satisfaction in Marriage,” Elissa Strauss, February 26 Ladies Home Journal website, “Mad Men? Looking Back at ,” Lorraine Glennon, February 25 The Spiked Review of Books, “The Allure of The Feminine Mystique,” Nancy Mc Dermott, February 25 Seattle Times, “’A Strange Stirring’: Stephanie Coontz weighs the impact of Betty Friedan’s ‘The Feminine Mystique,’” Kimberley Marlowe Hartnett, February 24 Elevate, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Kari O’Driscoll, February 20, “A Review of ‘A Strange Stirring,’” Jo Freeman, February 18 Daily Hampshire Gazette, “’Strange Stirring’ examines impact of ‘The Feminine Mystique,’” Suzanne Wilson, February 16 Dissent, (Review of “A Strange Stirring) “Betty Friedan and the Women’s Movement,” Cynthia Fuchs Epstein, February 15 Live Science, “How Do I Love Thee?Experts Count 8 Ways,” Stephanie Pappas, February 14 Christian Science, “Why feminism has been good for romance,” Husna Haq, February 14 Massachusetts Daily Collegian, “Stephanie Coontz gives lecture on women’s rights,” Chelsea Whitton, February 14 CBS, “More and more Americans say ‘I don’t’,” Tracy Smith, February 13 Spokesman-Review, “We’ve come a long way, women,” Rebecca Nappi, February 12 Toronto Globe and Mail, “The straw that stirred the feminist drink,” Rosemary Counter, February 12 (review of “A Strange Stirring) Booknotes, Review of “A Strange Stirring,” Anna J.,” Tracy Clark-Florey, February 3, Review of ‘A Strange Stirring,’ Courtney Martin, February 3 Daily Kos, “The assault on Betty Friedan’s legacy, her daughter speaks out,” posted by nyceve, February 3 Girlsw/Pen!.com, “A Strange Stirring: Test Your Feminine Mystique Cliché Quotient!

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