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Throughout your career, you’ve done a lot of research on sex and gender differences in pain. After I finished my Ph D I was looking for some new and interesting ideas.There were a few studies starting to emerge suggesting that there might be sex differences in anxiety sensitivity.Below is an edited transcript of their conversation. I remember my first day in psychology as part of my bachelor of science degree.I was absolutely enthralled by everything I was hearing, and I thought, “Right, this is for me; this is what I want to do.” I was captured from that day onward.

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I presented these findings at the IASP World Congress on Pain in Vienna in the late 1990s.This paper showed that having an observer in the room with a study participant who was exposed to experimental pain resulted in an increase in pain threshold and tolerance.This was particularly true for male participants when the observer was a male friend.Edmund Keogh, Ph D, is professor of psychology in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath, UK, and is the deputy director of The Bath Centre for Pain Research. He has a strong interest in sex and gender differences in pain, particularly with respect to psychosocial mechanisms such as emotions and coping.Keogh recently spoke by phone with Lincoln Tracy, a research fellow from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, to discuss his journey into pain research, his interest in the social aspects of the pain experience, and his love of music from the 1980s.

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