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There was Stiller saying, “You can milk anything with nipples.” And De Niro responding: “Really? He talked about aging: “I don’t like any new songs. Just because we’re trying to log on and look at our own stuff.”He added: “You spend a lot of your day telling a robot you’re not a robot.Because every new song is about how tonight is the night.” He added: “I want to write songs for people in their 30s called ‘Tonight’s No Good. ’”On a related note, he expressed feeling left behind by modern technology. Think about that for two minutes and tell me you don’t want to walk into the ocean.”“Authorities first became suspicious of Cohen when they found out he was the lawyer for Donald Trump.” — Michael Che“This does not look good for Trump.But eventually it hit: It was a recreation of a scene from the 2000 comedy “Meet the Parents,” in which Stiller and De Niro both starred, except that this time, De Niro was playing Mueller instead of an overprotective father. ”Mulaney made his highly anticipated hosting debut for “S. L.,” a show for which he was a writer for five seasons, creating among other things many “Weekend Update” sketches that have since become canon.The sketch even included lines lifted straight from the movie. His opening monologue was a proper stand-up set that showcased his talent for dry, sardonic humor.In the process of their chats, Sheeran admitted to pulling off 25 Mafia-sanctioned murders.Photos are constantly emerged of Marty directing De Niro, Pesci and Harvey Keitel on the streets of New York.Cohen, and De Niro appeared as Robert Mueller, the special counsel in the Russia investigation. It was an imaginative cold open — with strong use of A-list talent.The sketch began with Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, played by Beck Bennett and Kate Mc Kinnon, remarking on the exceptionally bad week they and their allies in Washington had experienced.[ Need help figuring out what to watch on Netflix?

That’s my right to bully people without being bullied in return.” order lobster at a New York City diner? After some initial pushback, the server relented, and out came a defiant Kenan Thompson, dressed as a 40-year-old lobster in a tank, singing a spirited parody of “One Day More,” a song from the Broadway musical “Les Misérables.” (“Who am I?

Here are the best movies on the streaming service as well as some recent TV series worth watching.

]“The important thing is to stay calm,” Bennett said.

Mc Kinnon revealed some of her new sponsors, which included Carl’s Sr. ”)We’re filing Jack White’s performances this week squarely under “What Was That? His first song was “Over and Over and Over,” from his new album “Boarding House Reach.” It was a bit strange and disjointed — but this is Jack White, after all.

and Malaysian Airlines: “Caught in a scandal and need an escape? L.” writers produced one of the best sketches of the season.

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