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Over the next few weeks, I arranged that Rebecca would follow me on ward rounds and even put in unpaid overtime just to be around her. The stories about the Nurses res, their weekends of fun, left me dashing off to the men’s room, to stroke my rock hard cock again and again. I grabbed her arm the one day and said, “Rebecca, you are driving me crazy, I’m 45years old, and all I can think about all day and night is making love to you”.

She looked back at me with a look of disbelief and slowly the corners of her perfect lips and mouth twitched and a smile formed, showing her pearl white teeth, and she leaned forward and so softly pressed her lips against mine. I would be up for harassment charges if this ever got out. For 2 days I avoided her, hoping that my indiscretion would be forgotten.

I was snapped out of my temporary paralysis as I flung my arms around her and began to devour her like it were my last days on Earth.

“Slowly Doctor D, I’m now in charge, let me do all the work.” She hand both hands under my scrubs smock massaging my chest and running her soft hands through my hair on my chest, as she worked her way down, I instinctively raised my arms to allow her to remove it.

I almost blacked out as the wave of orgasm swept over me.

The exploding and force of my bolt struck her deep at the back of her throat, of that I’m sure.

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I was married for about 13 years before we met, through work at a local hospital.The instant warmth of her breath and mouth made me shiver with excitement, as her head began to bob up and down my swollen member.I released her tits and put my hands behind her head and ran my fingers through her hair, following her every move.I was modest when it came to sex, only ever having slept with three girls in my life.Rumor had it that nurses were quite adventurous, if you can believe the the tea room chatter.

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