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Even though you think he’s all you’ve been waiting and he has all the qualities you’ve been praying for always remember that not every man of God is your man of God.

Both of you should take some time to seek God and get a direct word from him that you can hold on to during your courtship and your marriage.

Jeremiah 31:3 says that Christ has loved us with an everlasting love.

The ultimate proof of this was demonstrated on the cross.christ is love because he is a proof of God’s love for us. Therefore a couple should look to Christ in order to know how to love on each other.

One should have goals that they want to achieve in the relationship one of them being keeping themselves until marriage.

The love should be like a triangle where Christ is at the top meaning Christ is the source and the man and woman are at the receiving ends below on the two corners meaning both of them are recipients of the love of Christ.

personally as Mideva I would say that the most a Christian couple should go is a peck and not on the lips but on the forehead or cheek.

I won’t limit it to only hugging because I presume we all have friends of the opposite sex who we hug daily and hence There must be a difference between them and whoever your dating…Touching should not Even be considered let alone thought of.

First I think it’s good I start by saying that in every disagreement , no one is right.

both of you contributed to it only in different percentages. Remain calm and don’t make any hasty decision out of impulse or emotional outbursts 2.

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