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The second part discussed how to design the extraction process.

For this question Siddarth has provided an excellent, succinct answer and then a follow-up to help with the next stage. Display Name Attach Dtl(5, Inx Attach) = "--" ' I suspect Attachment had a parent property in early versions ' of Outlook.

That question references a variation from December that I attempted to answer. The emails are being processed in reverse order ' #### to allow this removal of an email from the Inbox without ' #### effecting the index numbers of unprocessed emails. Worksheets("Inbox") ' #### This code creates a dividing row and then ' #### outputs a property per row.

If I understand the question correctly, an interesting email will have . Item(Inx Item Crnt) ' A folder can contain several types of item: mail items, meeting items, ' contacts, etc.

The comments provide no help in extracting data from interesting emails but the worksheet shows both the text and html versions of the email body if they are present.

What the questioner of every variation appears unable to understand is that showing us what the data looks like on the screen does not tell us what the text or html body looks like.

This answer is an attempt to get past that problem.

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