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He would subtly flirt from time to time but he would also talk about other girls so I wasn't sure if he liked me or was just being a goof ball (another one of the things I love about him! We saw each other more and more as things progressed, at first just meeting up for school work but then gradually for other things, like coffee, "hanging out" and we even saw a couple movies together. His flirting wasn't subtle anymore and he did it a lot.

I can laugh with him, I can rely on him to cheer me up when I'm crying, he has this calm energy about him, like he can always see the bright/humorous side to any situation.The very idea makes me cringe, I couldn't ever go through with it.It would be unfair to me, the man I marry and any future children.He laughed when I told him I would have told him earlier but thought I was just another female friend.Turns out he's liked me back since about mid-first year.

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