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Croxton at his headquarters in Tuscaloosa asking permission to save the Rotunda, but the general refused to allow this.The officer reportedly said, "I will save one volume as a memento of this occasion." The volume selected was a rare copy of the Qur'an.During the War of 1812, Muhammad and the eighty Muslim men under his leadership protected their master's Sapelo Island property from a British attack.In 1829, Bilali authored a thirteen-page Arabic Risala on Islamic beliefs and the rules for ablution, morning prayer, and the calls to prayer.During the American Civil war, the "scorched earth" policy of the North destroyed churches, farms, schools, libraries, colleges, and a great deal of other property.

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The two best documented Muslim slaves were Ayuba Suleiman Diallo and Omar Ibn Said.Kevin Jaques, "[t]hese enslaved Muslims stood out from their compatriots because of their resistance, determination and education." It is estimated that over 50% of the slaves imported to North America came from areas where Islam was followed by at least a minority population.Thus, no less than 200,000 came from regions influenced by Islam.Known as the Bilali Document, it is currently housed at the University of Georgia in Athens.Between 17, over a hundred American sailors were held for ransom in Algiers.

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