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Jones Scholarship, exists between St Andrews and Emory University in Atlanta.Links with the United States have been maintained into the present day and continue to grow.Of note is that, up until 1967, many students who obtained a degree from the University of St Andrews had in fact spent most, and sometimes all, of their undergraduate career based in Dundee.In 1967, the union with University College Dundee ended, when that College became an independent institution under the name of the University of Dundee.

St John's College was refounded by Cardinal James Beaton under the name St Mary's College in 1538 for the study of divinity and law.There are 18 academic schools organised into four faculties.The university occupies historic and modern buildings located throughout the town.St Andrews was founded between 14, when the Avignon Antipope Benedict XIII issued a papal bull to a small founding group of Augustinian clergy.St Andrews is made up of a variety of institutions, comprising three colleges – United College (a union of St Salvator's and St Leonard's Colleges), St Mary's College, and St Leonard's College, the last named being a non-statutory revival of St Leonard's as a post-graduate society.

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