Mediaportal epg not updating dating assholes

Release v1.1.0.0 Fixed Album/Artist dialog screens layout Fixed/skinned find album cover art screen Added ability to select custom tiles in gui editor Added new darkness theme ( custom tiles set independently from standard theme ) Added ability to set parameter on videos tile Lot's of small bugfixes Added release date to extended info for moving pictures Release Added support for HTPCinfo Fixed Apollo Plugin error message in logs Fixed music nowplaying screens with vumeters ( LED and analog ) Fixed issue with apollo plugin logging missing file error Changed plugins setting to use dialog list to make it easier to choose between them Added an all settings/editor screen in settingsskin.

95% of apollo settings are in this one screen now as well as the old locations Added new osd's to better flow with the design of apollo, if you dont like them keep your old files.

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runtime and rating in listview (movpics hidden menu option) Added setting for extra info in info pane for tvseries i.e.

runtime and genre (tvseries hidden menu option) Fixed audio duration sometimes being offset in music Release v1.0.0.2 Adjusted aspect ratios in OV Fixed season and episode views in trakt popular Fixed OV osd to match videos and tv Fixed site settings context menu Fixed settingsdatabase Fixed header visible when media playing in Playlist music and others Fixed Rockstar now playing overlay is black Fixed latest myvideos info disappearing when play button focused Fixed tvseries playlist no background Added missing media info logos to myvideos details view Added translations for plugin tiles and headers in screens where it was missing Fixed latest myvideo playable disappearing if " use rss instead of latest info " is checked Added option to switch to extended banner view in tvseries hidden menu Added latest music playable in homescreen music Release v1.0.0.1 Fixed video window overlay in online videos Fixed thumb not being displayed in listviews in OV Fixed listview title overlapping runtime in OV Adjusted aspect of thumbs in online videos so no thumbs in thumbsview panel are squashed Fixed navigation for settings tile in tvscreen Added basic support for showtime plugin Added ability to switch between settings/radio/rockstar and my Lyrics in audio settings tile Added ability to switch between 7 row and 12 row tvguide in main gui*Moving Pictures *TVSeries *Online Videos *Trakt *Tvwishlist *Pictures *Extensions *Imdb *Logomanager *Radio *Subcentral *World weather lite *Music Info Handler *Info Service *Bing Image *My Lyrics *Browsetheweb *Rockstar *Airplayer *Showtime *Fritz!

I clicked OK to close the Media Portal TV Server Configuration and I launched Media Portal to confirm everything was working properly - it was.

When I opened XBMC, the updates have not taken affect properly (it has been 3 days since I made the modifications).

movies latest media right to tvseries tile without going to main menu.

Box manager *Radiotime *World News *Mv Central *Multi Shortcut x3 ( manually change plugin ID to: 8969/8070/8971 ) *World Weather *htpc info *My Emulators2 *MPsteam These are false positives as usual from Microsoft, it's triggered by the settings backup to migrate your settings between updates to make it easier for the user, either way it's been changed for the next release but leaving a 1 star review for that is just unnecessary.

I have a pretty old HTPC, but it has no problem playing back full HD material, so I've not felt the need to upgrade.

The TV channels that I unchecked (to hide) are still appearing and the labels for the channels have not been updated.

It also appears that the mappings have not updated - but that is difficult to confirm since the labels have not updated.

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