Marriage and dating in thailand

In the eyes of Buddhist religion, the marriage is recognized and sacred, albeit the fact that in contrast to other religions, a religiously sanctioned marriage is void in Traditional wedding ceremonies and rituals need not be conducted in the presence of monk and are usually performed at someones home.

Simply put, there is no such thing as Buddhist Wedding Ceremony, and if monks are present at the wedding, they are not directly involved.

The legal marriage in Thailand is effected in person at any Thai (Civil Registry Office) countrywide, a governmental office that handles all registration matters regardless, be it a foreigner marrying Thai, a Thai or foreign couple. and shortly after, you'll have your marriage certificates.

Marriage certificates issued in Thailand are recognized as such by the authorities of Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia, Australia, the USA, Canada and likely many other countries. Although, one shouldn't enter into that bureaucratic procedure lightly.

This is literally the giving of gold by the prospective groom to his fiance.

Parents, friends and relatives will attend this ceremony.

Hence, they never hide anything from their partners, when they become involved in a relationship with any foreigner.payments range from THB 50,000 to 250,000 and up, although these upper figures are rarely asked for, except the marriages amongst celebrities being motivated by extraordinary figures to create sensation.n the past and until today, for the most part wealthy Thai women often forgo the official marriage registration for a variety of reasons, in particular because they loose scores of legitimate civil rights.Instead, they prefer to perform a ceremony of traditional Thai wedding.This marriage is taken quite seriously by all concerned, and regarded as a lifelong commitment made by the couple.

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