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This really speaks to the whole issue of inspired action. The more interviews you go on, the more likely you are to find and get your dream job.In other words, if you want something, shouldn’t you go out and get it? In fact, a lot of success gurus will tell you that you can’t ever get what you want without action. It makes sense that if you want to find the man of your dreams, you’ll need to get out there and meet men. Statistically speaking, the more men you meet, the greater your chances of meeting Mr. The more diets you try [intuitive eating], the closer you’ll get to being forever thin. So go out there and kiss all the frogs you can find. Even a blind chicken will eventually find some corn.You could meet thousands of men and not find your dreambunny.You could go on job interviews for the rest of your life and not ever find the “perfect” job.You may joyously participate when you want to, but you are not necessary to the process. You can definitely use internet dating as a tool to help you with your process. Your job is to figure out what you want and then feel good. Then, you may be in spired to action, which may or may not include internet dating. But if you’re just playing the numbers game, without being willing to do the inner work, you’re going to be playing an immensely frustrating game for a long time.

People don’t generally want colleagues assessing their attractiveness or sizing them up as a potential date.At this point, you may want to do a spot check – you may want to actively invite manifestations into your life to see where you’re at. Twinklyeyes to come into your reality, but you do want to see where your vibration is at. The Law of Attraction posits that individuals have the ability to attract positive cosmic forces, and positive results in their personal lives, by using the power of the human mind to manifest visions into reality.It’s one thing if an attraction develops naturally with someone you know you in a professional context, but actively seeking out romance in your professional network — without even having anyone particular in mind — is courting problems.Dating within your professional circles can be messy.

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