Intimidating voters

"After the campaign started getting negative several months ago, I called and said, 'Listen, we're friends. I have negative tools in my toolbox I could use but I'm not going to because that's not the right thing to do.Let's not do this; let's stay above it,'" Ten Haken said.If you are offering a course that will be publicized through a catalog or brochure, you or the course sponsor will need to write a course description. Your qualifications should be stated in terms of experience. By including your interest or motivation in teaching the course, the participants will also see you as a likable peer. Batik Batik is an age old art of fabric coloring using wax and dye. Depending on class wishes, a field trip may be scheduled.The course description is vital to getting people to enroll in your course. This workshop is open to beginning and advanced students. The “biological clock” ticks away, causing a sense of urgency in many women to decide or re-examine their decision to bear a child, “before it is too late.” This class sheds light on what remains of a hazy, mystical area to many women. Come explore your own solutions in a warm, supportive group of women.

KELOLAND News listened to the message Tuesday afternoon; at the time, we were only allowed to release the part that Ten Haken has already talked about publicly.During Monday's debate, Ten Haken said he had dirt on all the candidates who were running for mayor. If you'd like to read the entire message, we've transcribed it for you below."Hey Jo, Paul Ten Haken calling um' just was calling about the calling me out on social here um I was really hoping we weren't going to go here with this sort of stuff, because I consider you a friend this is not even a story you know that I'm not invading people's privacy.Every course description should have these elements: —it should be enticing or interesting —it should be factually complete and accurate —it should have solid course information Every newspaper story has to have the five W’s in the first two paragraphs—Who, What, Where, When, Why. Your job in writing a course description is much easier, since Where and When are in the logistics section, and the Who is irrelevant or a useless gesture (don’t write, “Everyone should take this course.”) Here are a few guidelines for the description: Your description should focus upon the content of the course or the learner, not upon the course itself or you as the teacher.

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