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These retail shops also carry multi-brand electronics.You are able to spot the large backlit Apple logo of the Apple shop (sometimes looks like a counter).Purchasing the latest Apple products is not as hard as before any more.We often get the question if there are any places that sell Apple products cheaper than the official Apple store.(Update: 3rd of July 2016) No matter where you are in the world Apple products are always hot items.With every new release of the i Phone, i Pad, i Pad Air or i Pad Mini people queue up days in advance to be first one to own the latest edition resulting not only in endless lines, but sometimes even in quarrels and fights.

Hong Kong people are very trendy when it comes to technology and Apple products.

It makes Hong Kong an attractive place to purchase Apple products.

However, not every product is immediately available or easily accessible on the market.

Trying to buy the latest i Phone or i Pad equals like playing a lottery.

Starting from New i Pad in 2012, official Apple Store stopped selling newly launched products to walk-in customers to prevent unauthorized resellers. Similar things happened when the i Phone 5S was release in 2013.

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