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Literally, thousands of copies have been sold of Magnificent 7. How to Become a Devo Pro shows you how to put together great devos from start to finish.

This was the catalyst for our weekly Bible Studies that we do now. You scramble and pull them off the bookshelf (your service counter).

Now then, if we stopped right now you would get more than you can get at any other youth ministry site on the internet. You also get access to our best selling product line from Teen Life. It's always great to be able to reach for a book of devotionals.

Right after you login, you will immediately be able to access... These 52 discussion starters will have your grouping opening up and sharing. But you can create the best devotionals for your group on your own.

It's tough and expensive to plan, organize, study, follow-up, grow personally, give teens individual attention, teach classes, make class handouts, write small group discussions... Bible classes Devotionals Game nights Worship Small groups Regular contact with each teen Volunteer training Personal spiritual growth Mission trips Retreats Outreach Counseling Evangelism Discipleship Parent care Crisis management 8 Bible Lessons with Power Point to help your group learn from the brother of Christ.

13 Bible Lessons with Power Point to help your group get a grip oncritical life issues!

In a flash you have ten all time great service projects to choose from.

Mainly because there worthless and populated with fake profiles.

Rest assured that everything you find located on my dating archive above is of the up-most highest quality the dating industry has to offer.

You can give your teens devotional thoughts for them to grow from.

Our Sudden Impact section has devotionals for you to copy and print or email to your group. Our Listen to Lisa section is written especially for teen girls. You will NOT be joining a static site that never changes. You spend so much time feeding others, how about feeding yourself!

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