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Some of the web versions of the Preservation Briefs differ somewhat from the printed versions.

Many illustrations are new and in color; Captions are simplified and some complex charts are omitted.

It appears in all building types and architectural styles—embellishing the light in a great cathedral, or adding a touch of decoration to the smallest rowhouse or bungalow.Sinuous nymphs, leggy maidens, whiplashed curves, lilies, and brambles became standard subjects until World War Among the leading proponents of the Art Nouveau Style were glassmakers John La Farge and Louis Comfort Tiffany.Both men experimented independently throughout the 1870s to develop opalescent glass, which La Farge was first to incorporate into his windows.(And although stained and leaded glass is found nationwide, the manufacturing was based in the Northeast and Midwest, where good natural ingredients for glass, and coal reserves for the kilns were available.Moreover, nearly all of the nationally renowned studios were based in major metropolitan areas of the central and northeastern states--near the manufacturers that supplied their raw materials.) In response to this growth, the industry formed self-regulating associations that established guidelines for business and production.

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    The losing team was required to commute home using public transportation while undertaking an embarrassing punishment.