Games for lds youth dating

” approach) -Dating Panel (ask couples you trust will know and support the standards as written in the For Strength of Youth pamphlet)-they can cover their own dating stories, ideas for easy and inexpensive dates, guidelines for dating (dos and don’ts), and of course the standards Dress & Appearance -Make it Modest Night: invite some women in the ward who sew well to come up with some fun and simple ideas for lengthening hems (or using/making the slip dress extenders), raising necklines, etc.(sidenote: I’m a HUGE fan in general of inviting people from the ward to come help with youth nights-ward members are a serious resource of all kinds of information) -Hair and/or Make-up Tips: depending on the group of YW you have, sometimes it’s really helpful to have a class on putting effort into how we look-and everyone enjoys some great hair tips (again, invite some clever ward member who does hair or is a Mary Kay lady) –Carmen Rasmussen (American Idol contestant) clip about true beauty-love this!Family -Talk through the different parts of a Family Home Evening and the process of planning one.Depending on the different age ranges of each girl’s family, you can have different options for preparing lessons, visual aids, and games/activities.-Make a Blessings Book based on President Eyring’s Remember talk.Decorate journals, any way you’d like and review the talk.

I really wanted to create some kind of structure that would help my young women take ownership of their Wednesday activities-but I had a quiet bunch that was hesitant to throw out ideas and make plans.

Put the youth into groups and have each group pick one principle or standard and a scripture or hymn that goes with it.

Any standard or principle works because it can be tied to Integrity.

This is awesome for Laurels, but can work with all of your young women.

We called ahead and told the teacher we were planning on attending, so he wasn’t shocked when we showed up.

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