Friends lovers dating agency

When I first started this endeavor I remember my reaction was "Okay, let's see how this goes, but let's face it.This whole concept of friends deciding to date each other hardly EVER happens." Interestingly enough, in the past few months I’ve heard from a whole slew of people who really tried this and for the most part it seems to be working!The concept of dating in Los Angeles especially is daunting enough as it is, so as far as I’m concerned for amateurs like me, why not go on the journey with someone you already know and trust.Obviously, the biggest concern is having it not work out and losing a person you consider a close friend and confidant. Otherwise I think we’d all be running around pretty confused all the time.If you date anyone else and it doesn't work out, sure there may be disappointment, but that's about it.When you date your best friend, there may be disappointment AND the loss of a friendship.

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You know they totally dumped that last person because they couldn't get over their morning breath. I honestly don’t have a ton of dating experience so this is all pretty new for me!But overall, I’d say having the foundation of a friendship in place means you have potential to build that relationship even higher.Just be careful because those "little things" that annoy you about your friends?They become AMPLIFIED when you’re suddenly in the relationship-zone.No offense to anyone who might be reading this, haha.

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