Friends dating relationship in egypt

They expect you to change your behaviour, your ideals and beliefs.

How a man behaves with a girlfriend who is inevitably a westerner - as Egyptian girls are generally not allowed to have boyfriends - changes drastically to when he is married. You are no longer the girlfriend but the "wife" - your importance is 10 fold, but so are the expectations on behaviour. Friends of the female are treated with much distrust - particularly if they are westerners and/or unmarried.As i knew i never had any intention to - I just ignored those comments. This was because one of the male teachers at the school where I was teaching sent a "Happy Valentines" message which said only that - to all of the staff.One time my husbands brother came over with his wife and her family for a discussion about whether they should divorce. My husband was aggressive and threatening on a number of occasions in Egypt - however it was infrequent.Customs and traditions of Egyptian girls play an important role in the shape of the relationship. Those are mainly looking for getting married and starting a family. Let’s start with the majority of Egyptian Girls; the conservative.

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