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, some not at all) using the sites that work well for me (i'd also include on my top list). I see that is used for verification for dating sites sometimes - that is the lure, as well as meeting people. They have choices laid out with accurate breakdowns on costs.Ain't no doubt i've been doing pretty well but need to step up my game again and find me some of that sweet pussy before I get all rusty an $#*!! I have met people on it in the past with fun results although it wasn't easy. So I asked for a simple 1 month membership () 1 month of extra benefit to allow non-subscribers to write ().and don't mind being charged even more if you ask for a correction, choose AFF. I would reply to profiles and had some talk but no meet and have bedroom fun. A couple of days later, I got a reply from one of my older contacts on the site.Wait, you waited for me to no longer be on the site to reply to me?Sounds like a website trick to get people to pay for another subscription in order to see the message.When I logged in, I was able to see it and replied with an email address. Now I can't see the email and back to a basic membership.Almost every ad with just one photo is totally fake just to make you think they have many members. Make my profile, use some of my best pics (I'm 36 and average shape; not a gremlin but no male model type things besides my eyes apparently which probably saved me some potential sexual frustration ha.) I was in those first couple days becoming close to being impressed. They usually sadly end up twice that size on meeting. Not the least of which now suddenly the site (at least on mobile) suddenly behaves like a 1999 web designer watched a 30 min video on web design on futuristic magical phones... LOL better yet, EVERY SINGLE CONVERSATION/TEXT IS MONITORED BY ADMIN.I won't even get into the deceptive billing practices. I knew not to expect floods of females trying to pile on me.. I kept noticing Asian women "viewing" saying they were actually IN that part of the world. the final red flags and the topper were these things, first, who doesn't know what a birthday suit is?

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Instead I get slapped with a 3 month membership charge from a different site (something hookup instead of the discreet name they promised to bill under)! Needless to say, I told them to cancel the whole order. if you want to have a more costly order charged instead of what you want... Same as on other good hook up websites like Casual Dating4u. Not only did I not get any action, I never got any meetings of any kind.

I clicked the correct buttons issued but there seemed to be a delay.

I got another screen with all of the extras listed.

But for now this and Casualdating4u are stil one of the best options. Be careful though cuz I've spotted some fake profiles They are now inundated with escorts and massage whores since Backpage and Craigslist went down. They have a few "real"ones in each area, but infested with std's. a girl that contacted me supposedly from chicago invited me to an "erotic party" hosted by AFF but you needed a ticket, so i inquired into it and was 0 for 1 day 0 for 2 days and so on, could only pay through western union or money gram and could only send it as cash pick up (first red flag) then wanted another transfer and then another. on top of that this girl started saying that she wanted to come live with me, mind you she never even seen me or a picture, then she said she couldn't leave the hotel or resign unless her contract was paid first (red flag) what dating/sex site binds by contract?

(My friend is a doc and can confirm for this)The fakes put up ads in all areas of the country and get paid a "bonus" for each time they get someone to respond to them. Almost met up but I could tell sge was one of those camera angle wizards.... After about the first week innumerable things have unveiled the usual third world corrupt hell hole tactics. topping it off she wanted me to pay 0 she she could get out of there and live with me.

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