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This time I went under the Nusle Bridge with my favorite fake survey.

Immediately after I started I met lovely Lucka and invited her for a cup of tea in a restaurant nearby. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Lucie told me where I should go and went home.

I really wanted to enjoy this evening so I omitted classical beating around the bush and asked her straight forward to fuck with me for 30,000 CZK. Only after I showed her the money and waved 30,000 CZK in front of her eyes, she realized I was being serious. Look at this horn 18-years-oldd craving for a good fuck!! But then, something completely unexpected happened. However the first thing I have had noticed was how drunk she was.

If you expected her to slap me, get angry or run away, you were so terribly mistaken. I gave her no time to change her mind and brought her to my place where I fucked her HARD. She was wasted, completely fucked up and I just had to use that advantage.

I said we should drive to the agency so my colleague can talk to her about potential work offers.

We drove in her car and I started explaining what it would be much easier for her to get a job if she allowed me to try what she can do with her body.

I felt much safer at my own pitch so I immediately started the attack. Anyway, recently I read some discussion whether Czech Streets are fake or not.

My reward was wonderful deep pussy and her tasty tits hidden in a bra with cups size E. I think today’s episode will prove you this is real.

Bookmark us now and you�ll get masses of sweet young boys and the hottest teen sex in a variety of hot boy sites!I introduced myself as a scout for a famous modeling agency and I offered her a job. My unexpected offer caught her off-guard, but she was immediately interested.Her curiosity was the right fuel for my engine of seduction.She was 19 and just arrived to Prague, so I deployed the venerable "internet project survey" trick and invited her to have coffee with me.Soon after, I offered her sex for money, but she immediately defended herself by saying she has a feeling I'm from Czech Streets.

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