Eclipse disable validating links

Warning: You can only enter file names, not file directories (an Eclipse base limitation).

Use this carefully as you may not wish for every occurence of that filename in every project to be treated as a JSP Fragment.

(For whatever reason, Eclipse persisted in using these values, even though the use of "public" id's was preferred in the catalog.) This forced a minor change to to so it could resolve schema resources when system Id was null.

For example, a fragment that references a bean that is defined in the main JSP would encounter an error similar to: This preference will only validate a jsp fra gme nt (= jsp segment as of JSP 2.0 , also referred to as jsp include files), if the file type is *

It will not be validated if you uncheck: [ ] Validate JSP Fragments, as shown previously.

You can add as many such file names or file name patterns as needed.

(Theoretically, you should be able to use the plug-in for everything, except when you are editing the schema, in which case you'll want to use the attached file to make sure you're pulling in the projects' schema.) Any and all feedback is welcome.

Now, as this is legacy code I don't care that there are errors in it. But there was no way to remove or 'unvalidate' the jsp and html files.

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