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The release date for the collaboration has not yet been announced but people already cannot wait.“All of my dreams are coming true,” wrote one person on Mally Beauty’s post. On Monday's first live episode, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan skipped protocol and voted the season's standout performer into the Top 10 before Ryan Seacrest even knew what was going on!

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Ru Paul’s claims disregard the wealth of talent coming from bio-queen communities: cisgender or non-binary, female-bodied performers exploring drag femininity.

about a dozen times and never made it past Hollywood week.

UK Celebrity Big Brother fans got an eyeful of famed drag queen Courtney Act Friday night on live TV ...

He is effectively arguing that whilst drag is gender-subversive, trans is gender-conforming. Firstly, there are an infinitude of experiences of what it means to be trans.

And whilst trans women are women, who’s to say that they couldn’t also be involved in the parodying and exploration of femininity?

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