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” (결혼해 줄래) which has received strong response among his fans. I've watched all Lee Seung-gi's dramas, film and even his variety shows. I got used to watched lee seung-Gi everyday even his concert was so great, i had a collection of his song and played it everyday though i cant understand lol but i love it, looking for more episode of All the butlers i watched it many times every episode was so hilarious was getting crazy, Actor Lee Seung-Gi, I'm probably your biggest fan from a sunny Cape Town. just love u lee seun-gi oppa ,its my first time watching you in a drama though i have watched love forecast film of yours,there ur acting was too different,this proves ur versatility and moreover i am also enjoying your reality show i.e master in the house ...i really like u as a person as u r honest yet mischievous,funny ...u r cute,sexy yet masculine and most importantly u r really frank,friendly yet know your limit....i hope and wish u loads of luck,success,happiness,love(hope u find ur perfect mate),health and wealth... Chemistry between you and Moon chae won is amazing as a real couple.

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I've already done watching your latest drama "Hwayugi" You are so manly and handsome in that series. I just thought it would go for 40 or 50 episodes and so..

Soon after “A Korean Odyssey” ended I re-watched King 2 Hearts. I realized yet again what a great and talented actor you are, from your facial expressions, speech, and emotiveness… Big bonus of course ...cute handsomeness ;) Well this you can’t escape, so just take a bow:) I also salute your academic acumen, as 2 masters’ degrees are very hard work! The suits you donned in “AKO” was just so beautiful.

Lee just has u going crazy or shall I say making u crazy cause u just wish u could just pull him out of the t.v.

take care of yr self,dn't fall sick,and most of all dnt give up!! and I am intrigued by your matured acting which makes you so different from other actors. your the wallpaper on my cell phone , i just cant get through a day with out watching him sing my favorite song "Losing my Mind" ^_^ One of my fave actor. That is why i am so happy when he cameo in Producer bec for this two is the most convincing for me. Every roles they did differs to the next and no traces of its previous. I wish all the very best for your military service..are a perfect guy, I always wanted to be like you..

Keep the ball rolling you are my role model on d aspect of singing and I love yr songs. cant get over of lee seung gi, since i watched My girlfriend is a GUMIHO, im stunned by his charm, ang his talent for acting and most specially the way he sing..

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