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Personally I'm going back to meeting people at the pub or out and about this internet dating is not for me... was a really good site back then, and met some really nice people. Read Full Review Yes, I can prove it's a scam site. All you have to do is message every single fake message you recieve and you will never get a response.

Now its just a scam with fake messages that never get opened. All the photo's and profiles, apart from the few who, like me, are MUG enough to believe the fake bullsht they advertise, are fake and from OTHER website's also owned by CUPID PLC.

I decided to take the plunge and paid for a 6-month subscription only to find the messages were not private at all - they were the "Icebreaker" messages that Df P encourage you to make (Obviously knowing that people will then get the same notication message and be tempted to pay for membership).

Df P is a CON, they are ripping us of and I'm pretty sure it has to be illegal under false advertising.

This is obviously a huge scam on the part of Datingfor Parents in the attempt to get people to subscribe and these profiles clearly do not exist. i could have had unwanted and random chancer visitors. subscribing was nt that easy and they made stopping subscriptions a nightmare. Each time I clicked any link it would take me to a blank white page with 'done' at the bottom.

The only way to read these messages is to subscribe (which I did not). After closing and reopening the site, whenever I typed a message to someone, and clicked 'send' it would again take me to blank page meaning I had to retype entire message and hope for the best. I've got a subscription but unfortunately my subscription has been a waste of time. Read Full Review Members create their own personalised profile, by entering personal information about themselves, as well as their initial relationship preferences.

I rarely check Pay Pal account as is only used for small e Bay payments. I made the mistake after a link from a review in a newspaper website, can only assume it was paid advertorial or something.

If you want to be in control of who you wink/reply to be sure to turn off 'auto-reply'.Yes, Cupid is a PLC shares company and all they do is build scam dating websites for money.FACT: Search google for Cupid PLC and see 100's of dating…However, they do give you some free 'ice breaker' type messages, so I deployed a few of them - and voila plenty of replies, which I couldn't read. Read Full Review Please steer well clear of this site or anything to do with Once they have your card details they will go into your account and take any amount of money they choose without your permission, regardless of what you have signed up for.

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