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“Engaging in any type of activity that sexualises minors – including leaving inappropriate comments – will immediately result in an account termination.

We encourage users to flag videos or comments for our review.” Although it is apparent that some sexually suggestive content was hosted on You Tube, and that predators also aggregated innocent videos of children, is there any truth to rumours that “Webcam video from” is a secret code for paedophiles, and that a ring – which is to say, a group of people acting together to find, upload, and share the content – is operating on the site?

Anne Frank’s Diary, chronicling her last few years, was first published in 1947 and became an international symbol of the Holocaust.

Popular girl: Bethany Mota is only 18 and still lives with her parents but her You Tube celebrity is so huge it has won her fashion lines and more Instagram followers than Vogue, Cosmo and Glamour magazines combined The teen's Instagram account, where she posts photos of herself, her cloths and her meticulously decorated bedroom when she isn't making You Tube videos watched by the hundreds of thousands, has over 2 million followers--more than Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Glamour, and Cosmo combined.The channel includes the 20-second video segment shot before a neighbour’s wedding - making it available around the world to anyone with an internet connection.A clearly excited Anne can be seen watching the bride and groom heading off to Church, surrounded by friends, family and passers-by. ‘People around the world will be able to explore the life and significance of Anne Frank through such unique images,’ a museum spokesman said. There is a paedophile ring on You Tube.” So starts a five-minute-long video by You Tuber Really Graceful, a romance author who makes tri-weekly videos “diving down the rabbit hole of truth”.Really Graceful created her video after a Reddit post claimed that child pornography could be found on You Tube if a user searched the words “Webcam video from”.

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