Dating swr amplifiers

Their 7m S is fast enough for safe QSK operation with all transceivers that offer at least the pre-dit delay.These are quieter than the open-frame relays, but they obivously are not as robust.Otherwise the amp's relay will attempt to follow the CW keyer and quickly burn its contacts.The unit is fast and completely silent, but in my 20 years of awareness of the external accessory version, and having owned and used it with several different amplifiers, IMO it is not without issues. It was easy enough to fix but breaking in the middle of a contest is very annoying.

As you see, they have tiny solder pins as connections.

Many transceivers have adjustable parameters for delaying the initial "first dit", giving the amp's slower T/R relay time to switch before applying RF power.

Some also have adjustable post-dit delay ("hang time"), which keeps the amp's TR relay in TX mode a little longer, thus prehibiting it from trying to follow the CW keying. The EAGLE does not have this feature as standard, but it is available as an option. You may also purchase one of several 3rd party devices that solve this problem.

You will switch back to receive but the antenna connection to the receiver will be through burned relay contacts.

This creates a high resistance connection, causing desensitizing of the receiver.

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