Dating site for people with mental illness

And according to new ways of getting recognised as sick are being found all the time.

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Part of the reason for this is that they embody value judgments and are rooted in metaphor.So a “patient”, in the sense of someone actively consulting a doctor rather than just being on the books, does not necessarily mean someone who has a disease, feels ill, or is recognised to be sick; and of course there are other more mundane reasons, short of wanting to establish a healing relationship, why a patient may consult a doctor—to be vaccinated before travelling abroad for example.Most patients most of the time however, probably can be classified as having a disease, or feeling ill, or being recognised as sick.But dictionaries of the English language usually only aim to tell us the origins of words and how they have been used historically.They do not aim at the much more contestable goal of conceptual clarity. In this case, let us look at how disease, illness and sickness have been elucidated first by a medical practitioner, who ought to know something about the subject; and then, after noting some popular and literary definitions, by a philosopher, who ought to know something about conceptual clarity.

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