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After all, that’s what we’re looking for, isn’t it?

Once you’ve found someone online who takes your fancy don’t spend too long playing email tennis and end up feeling as though you’re starring in 90s blockbuster It can be all too tempting to continue the conversation online due to first date nerves , not wanting to step out of your comfort zone or convenience, but be careful not to. The idea is that you eventually log off and continue your relationship offline – in the real world.

This could be as simple as saying, "You know, I still get butterflies sometimes when I run into my partner unexpectedly," to something as detailed as a play--by-play of the luxurious morning pampering you received unexpectedly a couple of days prior.

As long as you don't share personal confidences and are communicating with positive intention, regularly share with others how much you appreciate your dating relationship and see how it impacts your interactions - for the better.

While online dating facilitates new meetings, it’s important not to forget about romance.Without romance, couples can easily fall into a rut of day-to-day living.What was once hot and steamy can become boring, routine or even sibling-like.For example, you can’t use the excuse ‘I was too busy to call’ or ‘I didn’t get time to reply to your message’ when everyone can see you’ve been actively updating your twitter feed and checking in on Facebook.In fact, communication is so fast and easy now that it’s removed the ‘thrill of the chase’ and killed romance somewhat.

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