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or, Dun Cow is the savage beast slain by Guy of Warwick.

A huge tusk, probably that of an elephant, is still shown at Warwick Castle as the horns of the Dun Cow.

The number of councillors is again unlimited but no members attend unless specifically summoned.

The members are selected by the Sovereign and are drawn from persons distinguished by high office, wisdom and political experience.

The Master of the Horse has the management and direction of all matters relating to the Royal stables and the revenue appropriate to this branch of the Royal Household.

He has the privilege of using horses belonging to the Crown, and of being attended by pages and servants attached to his department.

Originally the Champion's function was to ride, clad in full armour, into Westminster Hall during the Coronation banquet.

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Historically a cap was an emblem of high rank and honour, given by the Pope in medieval times to European sovereigns (the last English sovereign recipient was Henry VIII) - hence its association with the monarchy. The King's Champion (campio regis) is an office peculiar to England and dates probably from the 14th century.In modern times of course his chief function is to hold inquest on the bodies of those who have died by violence of accident.A verge is literally an area of land that encompasses the Royal Court that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Lord Steward.Any one of a line of English kings ruling from the ascent of Henry II (1154) to the death of Richard III (1485). The number members of the council was anciently about twelve when it discharged the functions of state, but it became unwieldy before 1679 when it was remodelled upon Sir William Temple's plan and reduced to thirty members.Its literal meaning sprig of broom with reference to the crest of the Algevin kings. It currently consists of all current and former Ministers of the Crown and other distinguished subjects, all of whom are appointed for life.

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