Dating a colleague tips

She’s taken other actions against Jane, like saying she shouldn’t be allowed to go to the charity event.I’m concerned there are real ethical issues here — and that given the recent history between them, Angela should not have a say in Jane’s professional opportunities.” You could add, “I feel uneasy about sharing this since Jane has stressed to me that she doesn’t want to cause any drama at work, but as a supervisor, I felt I had an obligation to let you know what I’m seeing.” There’s some risk to you in doing this.I started out at my company in a junior position three years ago and recently became a supervisor.I have a couple friendships with coworkers that started when I was junior and that I’ve continue to foster, but those friends are not on my team/my direct reports.

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Fergus even asked her to not tell anyone about the divorce because he didn’t want people to know, so she hasn’t.And even if she’s good, she’ll still need to do some investigation — she can’t just take you at your word and not talk with anyone else.So that means that some amount of drama is likely to ensure.I can see the new manager starting to view Jane unfavorably due to what Angela is saying and it’s really starting to tick me off.Jane has been at the company for five years with no issues and high productivity and is a favorite coworker amongst all our staff.

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