Dating a bandmate

Although it might be less personal and intimate than a romantic relationship, it is quite possibly more complicated.That's because there are usually more than two people involved, and everyone has an opinion.

Maybe you're a good driver and can get the band to gigs, or you love to design and can make the T-shirts and posters.

For Christmas, the couple decided to take time apart to spend it with their own families.

Even after three months, Chris chose his family and his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow, over his new girlfriend for Easter.

Don’t be the one to hold everyone up when people are already making sacrifices to make time for the band between their jobs, families and possibly other musical projects.

if you're too flaky, you might just lose your seat in the group. If a show is booked and you've committed to it, don’t miss it unless it's a true emergency.

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