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p=r) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTE: Each game from this series are perfectly compatible with Windows 7 (x64) yet before proceeding further it is advisable to have a look at the minimum system requirement (as specified above) of the respective game from the series to be installed on your system.STEP 3: Run WM11, click on validate, it may say ‘unable to validate’ (but that’s a fake message and WMP11 still works, so just click on OK).Then the program will go on to settings or configuration and after you do that the WMP 11 is ready to be used.Or you can simply get it checked if your system is compatible enough to accommodate this game by visiting this website As I have mentioned above the publishers have well protected this game series pretty stringently that only the owners of retail CD/DVD have the only privileges to get hands on their owned games in terms of installation/running the game on their systems.This tight protection method of CD/DVD key verification incorporated with usable media verification system comes into effect via the patching upgrade beyond patch version of 1.71.0 to Company of Heroes Original game.

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