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In large part it’s because he knows how to handle adversity in tennis better than the vast majority of other tennis players. He doesn’t get angry or rude on the court and he doesn’t make up excuses.

This shows both class and incredible inner strength.

He also has hobbies and interests that make his life interesting.

He can maintain an interesting conversation beyond the small talk and the pleasantries on many topics.

A classy guy knows how to write and how to speak properly.

This doesn’t mean that you have to go to the best and most expensive school or sound like a pompous ivy school graduate when you talk, or that you have to be as good at public speaking as Obama, but it does mean that you have to know how to write and speak properly and coherently – whether you learn it in class or anywhere else doesn’t make difference, as long you do.

However, all things equal, a degree from a known school is likely to add to who you are.

Like defining a classy woman, defining what being a classy guy means is not an easy task.

There is probably no one clear definition or one trait or quality that makes a man classy.

However, more often than not, an attempt at peacocking would make a guy look more like a clown than anything else.

Some might discount the importance of book smarts, but there is a correlation between having a higher academic education and being more classy.

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