Career speed dating sim girl dating sim walkthrough

There’s really no point in ending a relationship for a career and then spending several months regretting your decision and ruining your career at the same time.

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When you choose love If you decide to stick with love and give up on getting a better career prospect, here are a few things you always need to ask yourself.When it comes to choosing between the two, it’s never an easy answer.You have the diehard romantics who’d tell you to choose love.# Would you ever forgive yourself for letting go of a career opportunity? If you ever do regret giving up on your career, your bitterness would turn to hatred towards your partner.Most lovers who choose love over career end up remorseful and regret their decision the very next time they have a fight or argument with their lover. And over time, you’d end up feeling grumpy or annoyed all the time, especially when you can’t afford what you want to splurge on.

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